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Holistic Health and Fitness Coach


Being of Earth is a health and fitness business founded by me, George. It did not happen over night. This has been in the making since 2009. You can say I took the path of the wounded healer.

I have certainly had my own share of health issues and injuries.  

I seriously injured my neck, had multiple concussions and was diagnosed with spinal arthritis by my mid 20s because of a professional wrestling career.

Anxiety Attacks and Depression put my life on hold in 2009. That same year I suffered from irritable bowel syndrome, intense reflux acid, chronic constipation and I felt like my body was going to shut-down.  

Finally, the icing on my pain cake was getting hit by a van while walking across the street in 2016.

So, I know what it's like to be injured, sick , feel defeated and not know if you will ever feel like your old self again. 

But I am here to tell you that not only can you heal , BUT you can feel better than you ever did. The secret is in following the rules of Being of Earth, of belonging to this planet. If it sounds cheesy and simple, that's because it is. But modern society has overly complicated things. 

Through following these rules of Being of Earth, I was able to heal my intestinal issues, get rid of my depression and paralyzing anxiety attacks. I physically healed my wrestling injuries. But I did not stop there.  I went on to learn parkour, practice martial arts and run multiple 5km, 10km and 21km obstacle course races. I would love to share with you how I did it. 

I have dedicated my life to answering two questions.
What is health? The second, is how does one get it?

My journey to get these answers has been long. In the process, I got a Master's Degree in Pharmacology and Therapeutics, Bachelor's Degree in Biochemistry, I became a Certified Exercise Therapist and I have an Advanced Holistic Lifestyle Coach Certification from the CHEK Institute. Even with all those credentials, I can tell you that I still didn't have my answers. I only had pieces of the puzzle. 

My answers came to me when my daughter was born. She taught me the most valuable lesson for Being of Earth.

We humans need love and a dream to motivate us. 

The missing piece for me wasn't something physical or something that can be measured. It was the subjective part that we avoid. Our emotions, the secret story we only tell ourselves, our world view, all have an impact on our reality. The field of epigenetics and quantum theory prove this without a shadow of a doubt.  So under the guidance of various mentors I studied Jungian Psychology,  Astrology, Eastern Medicine and Infant Development to understand that whole puzzle that is health.  
This is how you truly attain personalized health. You build health by building awareness around your four health pillars.
If you ignore even one of these things, your whole health is at risk.  

I believe in holistic health and strive to help people achieve optimal physical and mental wellbeing.
My mission is to provide the world with the tools and knowledge necessary to help people live their best lives.

I offer personalized coaching, on-line courses and in-person workshops to help you reach your goals and feel your best.

My motto in life is 

"Master Your Body and You Will Master Your Universe".

 You deserve an amazing life and your dreams can come true.

However, the way to get to that life is to master yourself through balancing your four pillars. Let me help you Master Your Universe. 

George assessing his client
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