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Hey There! 

My name is George. I'm an Exercise Therapist, Holistic Health Coach, and the founder of Being of Earth. Our mission is simple: to guide each of our members toward a life brimming with health, happiness, and purpose.

I've weathered the storms of illness and despair, and emerged not just healed, but thriving. Now, I'm dedicated to sharing what I have learned with others, helping them achieve optimal health and vitality, just as I have done with countless clients. 

Today, I support individuals who seek more than just averting illness or settling for mediocrity. At Being of Earth, we empower our members to permanently eliminate their pain and unlock the full potential of their bodies.
My expertise extends beyond personal experience. Over decades, I've delved into various disciplines, including Jungian Psychology, Astrology, Eastern Medicine, and Infant Development. This deep dive has enriched my understanding of health, equipping me to better assist clients in overcoming their health and fitness challenges. 

No health coach would be complete without the requisite traditional education and certificates. I've acquired these qualifications too, including:
  • Advanced Holistic Lifestyle Coach from the CHEK Institute
  • Certified Exercise Therapist
  • Master's Degree in  Pharmacology and Therapeutics
  • Bachelor's Degree in Biochemistry
  • Parkour Certification

My motto in life is 

"Master Your Body and You Will Master Your Universe".


You deserve an amazing life and your dreams can come true.

Let me help you Master Your Universe. 

George assessing his client

At the core of personalized health lies an awareness of four fundamental pillars: Movement, Nutrition, Rest, and Inner Thoughts. Neglecting any one of these pillars imperils the delicate balance of the others, jeopardizing overall wellbeing.
I advocate for holistic health, dedicated to empowering individuals to realize their fullest potential — physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

If you are ready to begin your journey of unlocking the secrets to optimal health and living your best life, then click the link below
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